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  1. Engravable circle pendant with SHP example monogram - front view

    Circle Engravable Disc Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold

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  2. Engravable heart pendant on chain - front view

    Engravable Heart Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold

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  3. Engravable stacking bar ring in sterling silver - front view

    Engravable Stacking Bar Ring in Sterling Silver

  4. Engravable stacking bar ring in 14k yellow gold - front view

    Engravable Stacking Bar Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

  5. 14k yellow gold engravable oval signet ring - front

    Engravable Oval Signet Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

  6. Engravable circle disc earrings in sterling silver - side view

    Engravable Circular Disc Earrings in Sterling Silver

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Custom Designs

  1. Rough diamond wedding set with black lettering - together

    A truly unique set, the engagement ring features a rough diamond, not cut to the commonly seen modern round brilliant proportions, surrounded by a simple floral pattern in metal. Recessed into both the engagement ring and the band are words and symbols of special meaning to the client highlighted in black against the bright yellow finish of the gold… read more »

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  1. A picture of our new laser engraver with the text Laser and a person doing air quotes in front of it

    Meet Our New Laser Engraver

    In this video we introduce you to our brand new laser engraver and show off some of the many amazing things it can do. We get a little carried away engraving just about everything in our office. Now that we can do in-house laser engraving, you have many more options available to you... read more »

  2. Three engraved necklaces a cross a heart and a disc being worn at sunset

    Engravable Jewelry Sale for 2023

    Our brand new line of engravable jewelry is on sale now for 50% off. This beautiful new collection features simple pendants, rings, and earrings that can be personalized with your own engraved message by our in-house team of jewelers. Create your own unique jewelry today!... read more »

Blog Posts

  1. Mothers Day 2022 circle gemstone necklaces

    Show Mom How Much You Care

    Mothers: What comes to mind when you think of moms? Words like hard-working, loving, caring, selfless, maybe even heroic all seem to fit. Sleepless nights to tend to their children, the driving to practices, the planning of memorable birthday parties, there is no doubt that moms sacrifice a lot when raising a family. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate and thank the mothers in our lives for all of the hard work they continuously put into raising their families. They deserve a thoughtful gift, one that can represent... read more »