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Show Mom How Much You Care

Mother's Day Jewelry for 2022

Mothers Day 2022 circle gemstone necklaces
A meaningful gift idea

Mothers: What comes to mind when you think of moms? Words like hard-working, loving, caring, selfless, maybe even heroic all seem to fit. Sleepless nights to tend to their children, the driving to practices, the planning of memorable birthday parties, there is no doubt that moms sacrifice a lot when raising a family. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate and thank the mothers in our lives for all of the hard work they continuously put into raising their families. They deserve a thoughtful gift, one that can represent the family that they have poured their hearts into raising.

This Mother’s Day necklace is the perfect gift for mothers because of its personalization and elegance! This is a highly customizable and classic piece that represents family in a beautiful way.

Mother circle necklace with 2 gemstones in white metal


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Creating your own personalized necklace is easy:

  1. Choose the number of gemstones to represent the number of kids or family members you have.
  2. Choose the birthstones of each person’s birth month. There are multiple options for choosing birthstones including natural gemstones, lab gemstones, and synthetic gemstones to fit any budget.
  3. Choose the metal for the necklace and chain with options like sterling silver, 14k gold, and more.

The length of the chain is 18 inches, and it has adjuster jump rings so it can be worn at 17 inches and 16 inches!

Moms deserve a thoughtful and personalized Mother’s Day gift that they will cherish forever. This timeless pendant will remind her every day of how much she is loved and appreciated by her family. Since each pendant is custom made, give us at least 2-3 days to make your pendant after you order it. Buy before Mother’s Day (May 8th) and you’ll save 30% off this classic Mother’s Day piece.

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