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Fancy Color Diamonds

Learn more about these rare and beautiful specimens

When we think of diamonds, we often imagine brilliantly white gemstones. But every so often, a diamond will come out of the ground in vivid color. These diamonds are extremely rare, accounting for only 0.001% of the total number of rough diamonds that are mined. Because of this, they are often far more expensive than normal diamonds.

The range of colors in hue and intensity takes most people by surprise. The intensity of color in fancy color diamonds is described using the following terms: Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark, and Fancy Deep. The value of any fancy color diamond is determined by its rarity, hue, intensity of color, size, clarity, and cut. Here’s a quick run down of the main fancy colors:

  • Yellow Diamond


    Yellow diamonds are known as Canary diamonds. To be a fancy yellow diamond, the color must be more intense then a Z colorless diamond. The yellow should be a pure yellow not mixed with brown to be a higher valued diamond.

  • Pink Diamond


    Pink diamonds are amazing. Not because of the deep rich color, but because they are so understated. Pink diamonds many times only show a blush of color. Pink is a very rare, highly desired, and therefore very pricy diamond color.

  • Red Diamond


    Natural red diamonds are by far the rarest of all colored diamonds. Most of the red diamonds in jewelry are treated. Red diamonds are a true red not mixed with brown. Even in vivid color, red diamonds maintain their diamond-like brilliance.

  • Green Diamond


    Most other diamond colors happen when another element is add to the pure carbon of diamonds, but with green diamonds the color is the result of a change in the construction of the crystal lattice of the carbon atoms. This mean most green diamond are a clean, pure green and not a mix of other colors.

  • Blue Diamond


    Blue color diamonds are one of the most common. This is because they are mostly treated. The process to treat a colorless diamond into a blue is not very expensive.  The ranges of blue diamonds are extensive from light to dark. Natural (untreated) blue diamonds like the Hope Diamond are extremely rare.

  • Purple Diamond


    Purple diamonds are very rare. Most purple diamonds are a light hue similar to pinks. Purple diamonds can display needle-like color zones making them look less pure in color.

  • Orange Diamond


    Orange diamonds have strong yellow or brown hues mixed in with the orange. They are described as pastel by many people who view them. Orange diamonds are a change of pace even in the fancy diamond world.

  • Gray Diamond


    Gray diamonds can be from very light almost Z color to almost black. The point where a gray becomes a black can be something of a gray area. Grey diamonds in the right jewelry design create a unique work of art.

  • Black Diamond


    Black diamonds are opaque not transparent. Black diamonds are one of the least expensive of the fancy color diamonds. Black diamonds make for strong contrast in jewelry, and they create a wonderful texture to the jewelry item.

  • Brown Diamond


    Brown diamonds are widely available. Brown diamonds are called by many names based on the intensity of the color. Champagne diamonds are a nice medium brown where Cognac diamonds are a darker brown. A very dark, almost opaque brown diamond is chocolate. Other names are coffee, golden, honey and bronze.

What people are saying

  1. Michael Repin says:

    Hello, I have a natural untreated Fancy Deep Purplish Pink Diamond .22 ct, I would like to sell this diamond. But it has 3 black inclusions which are not very big so Im guessing its I2 clarity which is holding me back, I would like to sell the diamond so If you would be interested I can give some pictures, the diamond also changes color like in regular light it looks like dark purple but in sunlight it looks like a really bright pink color.

    I also have some other stones that I can bring in to your store, but first I would like to give you some pictures and see what you think,
    Thank You contact me if you’re interested.

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