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News 10, Diamond Prices, and Shopping Local

How a local jeweler can save you money on diamonds

A few weeks ago, a reporter from News 10 contacted us to get some expert insight into diamond pricing trends. We were happy to help, and our gemologist, Dan explained some of the factors behind the price drop. You can checkout the full interview right here:

Why shop at a local jeweler?

Doing this interview was a great reminder of some of the benefits of shopping at a small, local jeweler like Arden Jewelers. Many people think that because of economies of scale and global competition they can save money by shopping at a larger jewelry retailer either online or at a chain location. For many other types of products, this is true. Walmart can use it’s size to buy cornflakes at a discount and pass on some of the savings to you.

Shop local to take advantage of falling diamond prices
Why shop local for diamonds?

Jewelry, it turns out, is not quite as simple as breakfast cereal, and there are are several ways that a small, family-owned jeweler can actually save you money.

  • As we pointed out in the News 10 interview, we can quickly react to changing price trends. With size comes bureaucracy, and a smaller organization can take advantage of up-to-date pricing data much faster to give you the best possible deal.
  • Our gemologists understand the diamond buying game. Did you know that two 1ct H VS2 diamonds with GIA certificates can be valued differently by thousands of dollars? Being able to correctly judge complex factors like diamond cut enables our gemologists to find you better values on beautiful diamonds.
  • The way we source our diamonds and jewelry also allows us to save you money. When a big chain buys jewelry in bulk, not only are they paying for the diamonds and gold, but they are also paying for all the labor and overhead involved in producing and delivering the jewelry. When we buy estate jewelry, we are able to avoid those labor chargers and pass the savings on to you.

These are just a few of the ways that shopping at Arden Jewelers can save you money over a big chain. So, come by today; our expert gemologists will be happy to find you a great deal on a beautiful diamond.

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