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  1. Why Sell Your Jewelry to a Gemologist Jewelry Buyer?

    …. With so many options, it can be difficult to know who to trust, and where you’re going to get the most for your jewelry. If only there was an internationally respected organization that trained and certified jewelers as experts in their … the identification and valuation of gems, including diamonds, although the course work covered nearly all facets of jewelry and its constituent parts. Angelo read over three feet of text in addition to online material. One test was to …

  2. Can My Costume and Fashion Jewelry be Fixed?

    … been no, but with the introduction of the laser welder, we are actually able to repair many costume and fashion jewelry pieces that would have been beyond help before. Now, there will always be some jewelry that cannot be repaired for one …, with the laser welder in the hands of our skilled craftsmen there is a good chance we will be able to repair your jewelry. Get more jewelry repair answers at our new FAQ page. Or, come on by , and talk to our friend jewelry repair experts…

  3. Give Your Jewelry Regular Check Ups…Really

    A diamond may be forever, and gold may be a precious metal, but that doesn’t mean that your jewelry won’t wear with time. Routine wear can actually take quite a toll on jewelry: white gold starts to look yellow, …, valuable diamonds and gemstones come loose, and on and on. As with most items of value, the best approach with jewelry is preventative maintenance . Don’t wait until your diamond is on the verge of falling out to have your jewelry looked … done, or if it just needs a quick cleaning to shine like it used to. The best approach is to have someone who knows jewelry, and who has had many years of experience working with it, examine your jewelry to see if there are any potential …

  4. Jewelry repair before and after

    The Magic of Jewelry Repair

    … reveal . After all of the hard work and bumps along the way, we finally get to see the finished product. As local jewelry repair experts, we get to experience this great moment everyday. We see jewelry that’s taken all kinds of abuse. … known to man, and more have all crossed our doors. And, the best part of our day comes when we get to reveal this jewelry after it’s been repaired, reconditioned, and restored to its owner. We wanted to share some of this excitement with …

  5. How to Sell Your Jewelry

    Selling jewelry is not a skill that comes naturally to most people. There can be a lot of money tied up in old, estate jewelry that … being taken advantage of is high. To help, I’ve put together an in-depth article on the art of successfully selling jewelry. Here are some of the key points that you shouldn’t try to sell your jewelry without knowing. The determining …. You don’t get paid for the jewelry in relation to what you paid but the condition and demand when you sell. Clean jewelry shows the item at its best and helps in evaluating the design and gems, so be sure to clean your jewelry before you …

  6. Etsy vintage engagement ring from Arden Jewelers

    Vintage and Handmade Jewelry on Etsy

    Do you love vintage jewelry? Are you always on the hunt for a great find? Do you want something made just for you? If you answered “Yes” to any …of those questions, we have big news for you. Arden Jewelers has recently opened an Etsy shop! Check it out: Vintage Jewelry on Etsy . Right now, you will find a nice collection of unique estate pieces and one or two of Angelo’s own designs…on our main online jewelry shop or anywhere else. Etsy is the perfect platform to showcase our collection of vintage jewelry , and it’s also a great way to order a custom piece made just for you. What is Etsy? If you haven’t heard of Etsy (…

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  1. We Buy Jewelry

    Selling jewelry can be a daunting experience, but we’re here to help make sure you get the most cash for your gold, diamonds, and …buyers pay you for the diamonds and gemstones, not just the gold weight. FREE Value Appraisal Not sure how much your jewelry is worth? Find out today for free. Instant Cash Your gold never leaves your sight and you get cash today. R-E-S-P-E-… by today for your free value appraisal. There’s no risk and no obligation to sell. Want to learn more about selling jewelry? Read our in-depth article on how to sell jewelry . Everything you need to know to make the best decisions and get …

  2. Jewelry That We Buy

    Not sure if your jewelry is something we would be interested in buying? This list can help. Before we get to the list of things we buy, … it listed here please feel welcome to bring it into the store of a free, no obligation value appraisal. We buy back jewelry even if you didn’t get it from us. We Buy Gold Gold jewelry is a big category. Any karat of gold is worth money. Any…and more. Achievement rings like sales awards or time with a company can also be valuable. We Buy Platinum Platinum jewelry is also valuable. Platinum is a white metal and can last for many years. Broken platinum jewelry is welcome. We buy …

  3. Arden Jewelers jewelry sales

    Jewelry Sales

    Jewelry! What images does jewelry bring to mind. Do you think of a queen’s regalia? Or, a mother’s simple wedding band? What…. From simple timeless elegance to modern avant-garde, your style done your way is our goal. You have hundreds of jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers to find the design you like at Arden Jewelers. You can have the latest custom design …jewelry industry to deliver the jewelry of your dreams. You will have your jewelry, done your way. Browse our online jewelry selection or stop by the shop today

  4. Estate Jewelry Buying

    Inherited jewelry has some special issues. First, there can be an emotional attachment based on the relationship of the person who … can be a very emotional process. Some people have a strong relationship with the person and selling a piece of jewelry can be quite emotional. It can be part of the grieving process for some people. Working with people who are selling a … over the last 28 years has given us the experience to be patient and understanding. We are sensitive to the power jewelry can have with a relationship. We understand the close connections and personal sentiments that go along with selling …

  5. Trusted Jewelry Repair

    Arden Jewelers has decades of experience doing jewelry repair right here in Sacramento, CA At Arden Jewelers, we understand how important your jewelry is to you. When your… available for some services (please call ahead to confirm availability). Ring sizing Laser repair work – we can fix jewelry that was unfixable before! Fixing breaks in rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and just about anything else that… Soldering rings together Stop rings from rotating on your finger Stone setting of all kinds Start to finish custom jewelry design Tightening loose gems that are in danger of falling out Converting earrings to pierced or clip backs (or visa-…

  6. Fine Jewelry University

    Our mission is to help interested jewelry consumers learn about all the intricacies and fascinating aspects of fine jewelry in an effort to find the perfect …and click on a subject that interests you to find out more. We hope you enjoy your studies at the University of Fine Jewelry. If you want to continue your education or you just want to see some real life examples of these things, come on in …

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  1. Learn how custom jewelry is made

    How Custom Jewelry is Made

    Custom jewelry design is one of the most fascinating things that we do. In this video we take you through the entire process from … custom design fun and easy, and we hope that comes through in this video. A lot goes into making a piece of custom jewelry, but it’s what we do best, so you can sit back and enjoy the process while we make the jewelry you have always …

  2. Three engraved necklaces a cross a heart and a disc being worn at sunset

    Engravable Jewelry Sale for 2023

    Checkout our brand new line of engravable jewelry on sale now for 50% off. Since we can now laser engrave jewelry on-site you are not limited to one single design or …

  3. Gemologist Buyers Give You More Cash for Your Jewelry

    Don’t settle for less cash for your jewelry. Arden Jewelers will give you more cash for your gold right here in Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas. Our …gold, diamonds, and gemstones so you get more. Don’t risk mailing your gold away and trusting someone else with your jewelry. Sell your unwanted jewelry to Arden Jewelers and get CASH today

  4. FOX40 visits Arden Jewelers for Valentines Day jewelry cleaning story

    FOX40 Jewelry Cleaning Story at Arden Jewelers

    Zohreen Adamjee from FOX40’s morning news stopped by our shop to talk about jewelry cleaning as a romantic Valentine’s Day gift. We compare a professional cleaning from our jewelers with the at home … some types of jewelry that you definitely don’t want to try to clean at home. If you are interested in having your jewelry cleaned or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us . This video was produced by and is the property …

  5. Learn how to spot fake Tiffany jewelry

    How to Spot Fake Tiffany & Co Jewelry

    Tiffany & Co. is a brilliant designer that makes some of the most sought after jewelry in the world. Unfortunately, this has led many to create fake or counterfeit Tiffany pieces and then try to sell …jewelers are excellent craftsman and you should not be able to readily see a seam or crack at the solder joints. For jewelry claiming to be silver (stamped sterling silver or 925), check that the piece is actually sterling silver. Tiffany … correctly, and there aren’t any obvious errors (like it being off center). At Arden Jewelers, we don’t like fake jewelry. We have a great collection of genuine Tiffany & Co. available for sale in our shop, and we check every piece to …

  6. How to clean your jewelry at home

    How to Clean Jewelry at Home

    Jewelry looks best when it’s cleaned regularly. While we recommend that you bring your jewelry in every 6 months to a year …. Toothbrush and Windex Be sure to plug the drain before you start to make sure no small gems are lost. Rinse the jewelry in water. Spray the piece liberally with Windex or a similar glass cleaner (see notes below about which jewelry can …to scrub the jewelry at all angles. Rinse it off with water again and dry it with a hair dryer to avoid water spots. Jewelry Cleaning Solutions There are several different, purpose made, jewelry cleaning solutions that you can use. We …

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  1. Brands and Designer Jewelry

    Status, style, and quality are the three attributes that luxury jewelry brands are known for. Jewelry brands or designers have a high standard to live up to or they are abandoned. There is… and last for years, but if it goes out of fashion, people won’t generally want to wear it. It is important that a jewelry brand changes to avoid becoming dated. Some jewelry designers can adapt, others cannot. When a designer brand cannot …. What makes a top jewelry designer is staying in style from year to year and decade to decade. Quality Luxury brand jewelry must keep its promise to the customer to deliver a superior product. This is a no compromise area. The jewelry must …

  2. Lasers are now used for jewelry repair

    Laser Jewelry Repair

    …take over the world with a “laser”. One of the last things you think a laser can do is to work on your intricate jewelry. Well, laser technology is making it possible to work on jewelry that once was impossible to fix or too costly to fix. …antique enameled pin without damaging the enamel or leaving visible signs of the restoration work. Our laser can fix jewelry without removing the stones or running the risk of solder flowing into the hinge and destroying its mobility. …

  3. Evaluating inherited estate jewelry can be tricky

    How to Value Inherited Jewelry

    …When a loved one passes away, among all of the other challenges and difficulties, there comes the need to divide the jewelry portion of the estate. Arriving at a fair and equitable division can be tricky, but this article should help guide … prefer more personalized information, please feel free to reach out to us . We offer a free consultation where our jewelry experts will sit down with you and explain the different types of value and how they relate to your particular …

  4. How to Sell Jewelry on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace

    Selling jewelry on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other online local classified sites is a great way to get cash for your …but there are some things that you should consider before you take the plunge. Safeguards are critical when selling jewelry in person First NEVER, NEVER, and NEVER meet an unknown buyer at your house. Personal safety and protection against … or shopping mall. If you don’t have a way to meet the potential buyer at a public place, then do not sell your jewelry through the Craigslist or Marketplace. The buyer’s bank is a good public location because if they wish to buy the jewelry

  5. Jewelry solder is different than normal jewelry metals

    Jewelry Solder: What You Should Know

    Solder is the unseen “glue” that holds most jewelry together. If you have ever had a ring sized, a chain repaired, or your wedding set joined together, you have very … seen solder in action. But, what is solder and how is it different than the rest of the metal that makes up your jewelry? What is Solder? To answer this question we first have to understand metal alloys. If you haven’t already, now would be… metals in different combinations called alloys. For the sake of simplicity, we will focus our discussion on gold jewelry, but the same concepts also apply to silver and platinum as well. If your ring is made out of 14 karat gold, you know …

  6. Retipping is an important jewelry repair technique

    Jewelry Repair FAQ

    Here you will find answers for all of your jewelry repair related questions. If you have a question that you don’t see answered here, please contact us and let us know… fell out of my ring. Will the new stone match the old one? We get this question all the time. People want their jewelry to look just the way it did before a gemstone fell out; who wouldn’t? That’s why we have literally 100s of carats of …, and we are normally able to find something that is quite similar to the original. So, that beautiful piece of jewelry you love can look just the way it used to again. What is retipping, and why do I need it? In a large number of jewelry

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  1. Rose gold three stone ring with diamond band

    We modified this classic three stone ring design to perfectly accommodate our customer’s diamonds. Sometimes custom jewelry is more about tweaking an existing ring design than coming up with something brand new. This ring set with the customer’s diamonds didn’t cost a fortune, but makes an unforgettable impression. Throw in a matching band to add an extra …

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  2. Custom white gold modern solitaire engagement ring front

    … lines flow up the shank and past the center diamond creating a sense of movement and energy. Made in 14k white gold and featuring a round brilliant center diamond, this ring is a beautiful example of how personal and stylish custom jewelry can be

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  3. pear cut diamond wedding set front together

    … diamonds gives this ring a one of a kind look. This custom made matching band utilizes baguette cut and round cut diamonds to make a remarkable bold look. Ready to start your own creation? Call, text, or email us today. One of our jewelry designers will be happy to talk about your custom creation. Our process is fast, fun, and easy. So, what are you waiting for

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  4. Five Stone Diamond Band - 1

    This simple band is made with “recycled” diamonds. The stones were originally from various pieces of jewelry belonging to one of our clients, that were either never worn, or broken. We were able to help her turn those pieces …

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  5. Opal leaf design custom ring - front

    … bezel, and on the sides of the shank. The leaf texture was rendered meticulously by hand one leaf at a time. Custom jewelry is often a labor of love, and that love shows through every aspect of this piece. Watch this ring take shape on our …

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  6. Mermaid custom diamond engagement ring - perspective

    This unique and artistic piece features twin mermaids on either side of the round center diamond. The lifelike details and flowing lines create a palpable sense of movement when you look at the ring. Proof that with custom jewelry from Arden Jewelers, the only limit is your imagination

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  1. Engravable circle pendant with SHP example monogram - front view

    Circle Engravable Disc Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold

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  2. Asteria : Star Ring with White Sapphires

  3. Monogram Script Pendant 14k Rose Gold

    Custom Monogram Script Pendant


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