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  1. straight ruby stacking band front angle

    Low Profile Round Ruby Stackable Band in White Gold

  2. Sale!
    Mother circle necklace with 2 gemstones in white metal

    Mother’s Circle Necklace with Gemstones


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  1. Three loose rubies in a row triangle oval and pear shaped

    Gem in the Spotlight: Ruby

    …most prized gemstone. But, what is it about this red gem that has captivated our hearts and minds for so long? Is it ruby’s color? It’s rarity, and thereby its high cost? Or, is it something deeper? Whatever it is, ruby’s impact on … with sapphires. Corundum is an extremely durable form of aluminum oxide with a Moh’s hardness of 9. This makes ruby one of the hardest gems commonly used in jewelry second only to diamond (which has a Moh’s hardness of 10) and moissanite…

  2. Collection of sapphire jewelry and loose sapphire gemstones in many colors

    Gem in the Spotlight: Sapphire

    … name from the Greek word for blue, sapphire used to refer to any blue stone. By the late 1800’s, the sapphire and ruby were recognized as gem varieties of corundum. Today sapphire has become the collective name for all colors of the … the word sapphire. Sapphire, a variety of corundum, comes in all colors except red (the red variety being known as ruby), but is especially popular in deep blue. Fancy colored sapphires including pink, green, orange, and golden yellow …

  3. Synthetic Gems: The Whole Story

    Ruby, sapphire, emerald and alexandrite are very beautiful gems and very rare in their stunning beauty. These four gems … this a synthetic gem. Synthetic gems are not bad, fakes, or the curse of a modern society. So a man made synthetic ruby has the same exact chemical formula and crystal structure and optical characteristics as a natural ruby. How can a … to positively identify as synthetic. Both, I feel, are impossible to identify in a piece of jewelry. Synthetic ruby, sapphire, alexandrite and emerald are very complex because there are different ways to make them. The inexpensive way to…

  4. Group of loose spinel gemstones with finished jewelry

    Gem in the Spotlight: Spinel

    …. Because of how easily it can be created in a lab, synthetic spinel has been used to imitate many other gemstones (ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, zircon, etc.). In fact, the ubiquity of synthetic spinel may be part of the reason why most …. Spinel has been mined for over a thousand years, but until 1783 it was confused with more well-known stones like ruby and sapphire. One of the most famous examples of this confusion was with the Black Prince’s Ruby. This stone currently…

  5. A group of alexandrite jewelyr and loose gems shown in different light to demonstrate color change

    Gem in the Spotlight: Alexandrite

    Emerald by day, ruby by night, more expensive than diamond and more illustrious than sapphire, emerald, or even ruby, alexandrite has … of those found in the Ural Mountains. While alexandrite doesn’t have a several thousand-year-old history like ruby, it quickly took the world by storm. Its use in top-quality pieces by companies like Tiffany & Co. and Cartier brought…

  6. The Birthstones

    …June include moonstone, alexandrite, and rhodolite garnet. Learn more about Pearl and Alexandrite July’s Birthstone: Ruby Ruby‘s rarity and beauty has let some call it “the lord of the gems”. Ruby is truly an ancient stone. Many myths and… with passion, the ruby is believed to protect one from being seduced and has the ability to soothe anger. The ruby has always been a symbol of love, charity and victory. The bible states that wisdom is “more precious than rubies”. Rubies…

Custom Designs

  1. This is a classic three stone style design with a European style square-bottom shank, a deep red pear cut ruby center stone and round brilliant diamond accents

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  2. ruby, sapphire, diamond crown ring front view

    A vibrant heart cut ruby is front and center on this fun ring. The matching pair of blue sapphire accents are nestled each side of the crown. Carefully crafted swooping yellow gold and chevron diamond band work together to make this special design

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  3. Ruby heart and diamond band

    Vibrant, red, heart-shaped gemstones are the focal point of this unique band. The client opted for lab created rubies which are incredibly bright and saturated. Sparkling accent diamonds space out the hearts and finish the look. The end product is a stackable, wearable, and totally personalized custom ring.

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  4. Platinum Snake Pendant with Old Mine Cut Diamond and Rubies

    Two vibrant ruby stones bring to life the snake as it carefully wraps around the detailed hand engraved platinum staff. Bezel set at the top of the staff is a beautiful old mine cut diamond. The rod of asclepius is a symbol long associated with …

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Blog Posts

  1. The Truth About Synthetic Gems

    … gem, it would be very hard to tell them apart. In gemology we call this a synthetic gem. So a man made synthetic ruby has the same exact chemical formula and crystal structure and optical characteristics as a natural ruby. How can a …

  2. Stud earrings on sale

    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

    … earrings. A sure fire gift idea, studs go with anything, and we have a huge variety to choose from (all on sale for Valentine’s Day). In addition to the classic diamond studs, we also have a great selection of gemstones like emerald, ruby, peridot, and more. Not sure which one to get her? Diamond is always a great choice, or go with her birthstone. Don’t love either of these options? No problem. Here are some other great gift ideas: Engagement ring upgrade Vintage and …


  1. Balance eco friendly lab grown diamond engagement ring - Top

    Alternative Gemstones for a Non Traditional Engagement Ring

    … their wedding ring. Sapphires (or Corundum) can come in any color except red. The red variety of Corundum is called Ruby. All of the colors are used as wedding jewelry, but blue is probably the most common. Corundum is a 9 on the Mohs … Sapphires which look similar to diamonds, but they don’t sparkle like diamond. Jessica Simpson’s wedding ring is a Ruby with pear-shaped Diamond side stones. Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, Priscilla Chan also has a Ruby engagement ring. Emerald…

  2. Mothers Day 2022 circle gemstone necklaces

    Mother’s Day Circle Necklace

    … goes with which month? Here is the list of the gemstones to use depending on the month that each child was born in. January – Garnet February – Amethyst March – Aquamarine April – Diamond May – Emerald June – Rhodolite Garnet July – Ruby August – Peridot September – Sapphire October – Pink Tourmaline November – Citrine December – Blue Topaz Would you prefer to use an alternative gem in your pendant? No problem, just contact us . We would love to make a fully custom …


  1. How to clean your jewelry at home

    How to Clean Jewelry at Home

    … learn what jewelry is safe to clean with it. Ultrasonic : Only use the ultrasonic with the following gems: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, Topaz, Tourmaline, Aqua, Morganite, Alexandrite, Garnet. Remember the warning above that other … an ultrasonic. When in doubt, ask your jeweler. Steamer : Only use a steam cleaner on the following gems: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, Topaz, Tourmaline. All the same caveats mentioned about ultrasonics apply here as well. Polishing …

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