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  1. Gem in the Spotlight: Quartz

    … is well known, but yet a surprise? What is affordably priced sometimes and sometimes very pricey? If you answered quartz to all these questions you would be right (but naturally you looked at the title and knew). Quartz is one of the most …. Many of quartz’s gems are common for gemstones but, some varieties are very rare. Some are Plain Jane like rock quartz, others are exotic like Drusy Quartz. Some quartz material is a dollar per pound others are $1,000 per carat. Quartz is…

  2. Group of loose amethyst gems emerald cut trillion and oval

    Gem in the Spotlight: Amethyst

    Amethyst is known for its beautiful purple color, and it is the most important quartz variety used in jewelry. Purple has long been considered a royal color, so it is not surprising that amethyst has … which means that it can withstand daily wear and tear. Amethyst has the same refractive index as other varieties of quartz at 1.54-1.55 and is doubly refractive. It has a vitreous polish luster and its specific gravity is 2.66. Its …tribute to the goddess Diana. In order to protect Amethyst, Diana turned her into a statue made of pure, crystalline quartz. Dionysus, upon seeing the stunning statue, wept tears of wine in remorse for his actions. These tears stained the …

  3. Synthetic Gems: The Whole Story

    … made silicon carbide. In gemology, any material used to look like a gem is called a simulant. So clear glass, rock quartz, GGG, and Moissanite are all diamond simulants. They look like diamonds, but they are not diamonds. These simulants … millions of dollars worth of equipment and world class personnel. Synthetic diamonds on the high end and synthetic quartz on the low end are both very difficult to positively identify as synthetic. Both, I feel, are impossible to identify …

  4. Group of loose topaz gems and topaz jewelry

    Gem in the Spotlight: Topaz

    …is a standardized metric of how difficult it is to scratch something. For reference, topaz is a bit softer than diamond which is a 10 and corundum (sapphire/ruby) which is a 9 on the scale. It is a bit harder than emerald at 7.5-8 and quartz which comes in at 7. Here are some more gemological stats for reference: Refractive index: 1.619 to 1.627 Birefringence: 0.008 to 0.010 Specific gravity: 3.53 Mohs Hardness: 8 Care and Cleaning Even though it’s tough to scratch, you …

  5. Group of loose emerald gemstones

    Gem in the Spotlight: Emerald

    …rich green color. The intensity of an emerald’s hue depends on the presence of chromium and vanadium in the crystal structure. Emerald’s Mohs hardness rating is 7.5-8 making it softer than sapphire and harder than amethyst and other quartz varieties. The refractive index of emerald ranges from 1.57 to 1.58, making it a moderately refractive gemstone. Its specific gravity ranges from 2.65 to 2.75. One of the distinctive features of emeralds is that they often contain …

  6. A collection of jade jewelry and loose gems

    Gem in the Spotlight: Jade

    … had already been a tradition for thousands of years. At that time, gem carvers worked primarily with nephrite, quartz, lapis lazuli, and wood. With the introduction of jadeite, the carvers switched focus from the previous materials to this…and Synthetics Jade Jade has been replicated and imitated over the years. The most common imitations by far are dyed quartz, glass, and plastic. These imitations can be identified quickly by a trained gemologist. Other stones that have been…


  1. Sale!
    Rose Quartz Silver Bezel Ring

    Rose Quartz Silver Bezel Ring

  2. Rose Quartz Cushion Bezel Ring

    Rose Quartz Cushion Bezel Ring


Custom Designs

  1. wire wrapped gold quartz and garnet necklace in silver and 22k front

    These necklaces were hand wire wrapped by one of our talented jewelers in sterling silver and high karat yellow gold. Each necklace is custom fitted and formed for each of the gold quartz stones. The care and craftsmanship is seen in these bold pendants. Hand wire wrapping can easily be customized to suite more bold or minimalist designs

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  2. Smoky Quartz Custom Statement Ring

    This vintage inspired rings makes a strong statement. It features a large, emerald cut Smoky Quartz and braided rope accents running up the sides of the shank. The stone is set with 4 strong prongs which accent the …

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  3. Prasiolite Oval Cocktail Ring - 2

    This solitaire cocktail ring features a large oval prasiolite stone. Prasiolite is the proper name for green quartz. The ring is set with bold claw shaped prongs, and has a cathedral style shank rising to meet the stone on either side. Another simple design, that lets the gemstone capture your attention, with no over-the-top accents to detract from…

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Blog Posts

  1. Cyber Monday jewelry deals at Arden Jewelers

    Crazy Cyber Monday Deals

    … for 10% off on Cyber Monday only. Coupon code: CYBERMONDAY17 30% off the Rare and Beautiful Collection This unique group of jewelry features one-of-a-kind pieces set with uncommon gems like Kunzite, Tsavorite Garnet, Rutilated Quartz, and much more. The entire collection is available on our Etsy shop currently on sale for 25% off. This coupon code is good for another 30% off on top of the sale price! Etsy coupon code: RBEXTRA17 $1.00 starting bid auctions on eBay We have…

  2. Christmas 2017 Jewelry Gift Guide

    Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide 2017

    …, we present not one, not two, but three collections of beautiful jewelry on sale right now. Find your style, take your pick, and at these prices, you can’t go wrong. Rose Gold Jewelry The combination of the soft pink gems like rose quartz and morganite with rose gold creates a beautiful and very trendy look. Pearl Jewelry Pearls are a timeless classic, and no girl should be without her go-to pearls. We are featuring a modern and stylish collection of pearl earrings and …

  3. The Truth About Synthetic Gems

    … tongue twister like gadolinium gallium garnet (also called GGG) and the modern diamond simulant moissanite, a man made silicon carbide. In gemology, any material used to look like a gem is called a simulant. So clear glass to rock quartz to GGG to moissanite are all diamond simulants. They look like diamonds, but they are not diamonds. These simulants are easy for a well trained and equipped gemologist to detect. But if you had gem material that is the same chemically, …

  4. Arden Jewelers in Sacramento California

    Welcome to the New Arden Jewelers

    …we’re going a step further. We’re offering an additional 30% off on top of the discounted price on select items from now until December 25th! This includes: Rose gold and morganite jewelry . The combination of soft pink gems like rose quartz and morganite with rose gold creates a beautiful and very trendy look. Select pearl jewelry . Pearls are a timeless classic, and no accessory drawer is complete without a set of go-to pearls. We are featuring a modern, and stylish …


  1. Rose gold and morganite jewelry gifts 2017

    Mistletoe and Holly

    Mistletoe and Holly This gorgeous collection features soft pink gemstones like rose quartz and morganite set in rose gold. The colors are a prefect compliment to each other creating a beautiful and trendy look. No matter which style you choose, you know you’re getting the prefect gift. Plus, every piece is on sale from now …

  2. Jewelry That We Buy

    …. We buy yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and even green gold. The gold jewelry can be even broken and still worth a lot of money. We buy natural gold nuggets. Gold flakes and dust are both worth money. We even buy gold in natural quartz rock. Arden Jewelers buy all types of gold class rings. These can be from high school class rings, collage class rings, military rings, corporate rings, and more. Achievement rings like sales awards or time with a company can also be …

  3. The unique jewelry gift Rare and Beautiful collection

    Rare and Beautiful

    …quite plentiful (and also affordable), but few people know of it. It has a beautiful blue-purple color that is truly captivating. Too many rare and unique pieces to list including Mandarin Garnet , Imperial Topaz , Dendrite, Rutilated Quartz , Green Amethyst , and more. Learn More about the Gems You may have never heard of some of the gems in this collection. So, take some time to get familiar with these incredible pieces of nature. Of course, the best way to learn about …


  1. How to clean your jewelry at home

    How to Clean Jewelry at Home

    … is safe to clean with it. Ultrasonic : Only use the ultrasonic with the following gems: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, Topaz, Tourmaline, Aqua, Morganite, Alexandrite, Garnet. Remember the warning above that other factors (like …When in doubt, ask your jeweler. Steamer : Only use a steam cleaner on the following gems: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, Topaz, Tourmaline. All the same caveats mentioned about ultrasonics apply here as well. Polishing Cloth . Only use …

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