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  1. shared prong compass diamond engagement ring front view

    Shared Prong Accent Diamond Engagement Ring with Compass Tulip Setting

  2. Yellow Sapphire Pendant in Simple 3 Prong Setting front view

    Yellow Sapphire Pendant in Simple 3 Prong Setting

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  3. 6 prong diamond engagement ring front

    Six Prong Round Engagement Ring with Accent Diamonds

  4. White Topaz Cathedral Ring


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  1. Learn about how diamonds are set

    Diamond Setting Style Comparison

    ring now or just getting ideas for the future. The following are some of the most common stone setting styles. 4 Prong Setting It’s not hard to see why this style is persistently popular. Its classic simplicity makes it a timeless choice… you prefer a minimal solitaire design, or something more extravagant, this setting style is quite versatile. 6 Prong Setting As a prong setting, this style is similar to the 4 prong setting. However, the 6 prong style has its own distinct…

  2. Balance eco friendly lab grown diamond engagement ring - Top

    Alternative Gemstones for a Non Traditional Engagement Ring

    Today, many couples are choosing to express their individuality with unconventional engagement rings. One way to break the mold is to use a gemstone that’s not a Diamond. Let’s explore the pros and cons of a few … to Diamonds have color which makes stand out from the traditional clear white Diamond. Sapphire Engagement Rings The most common Diamond alternative for engagement rings is Blue Sapphire. The Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Diana, … is a 10, the hardest of any natural gem. Their hardness helps Sapphires and Rubies wear very well in engagement rings. There are also White Sapphires which look similar to diamonds, but they don’t sparkle like diamond. Jessica Simpson’s …

  3. Presentation Engagement Ring

    … diamond. If you know a general shape and size, that helps, but it is not needed. Next, we set it in a four or six prong solitaire (Tiffany style) setting. It can be in 14 karat white or yellow gold. Propose with the presentation ring. …What is a presentation engagement ring? A presentation engagement ring is simply a solitaire setting with a diamond set in it. The presentation ring … back with your new fiancée, and pick out the ring style she wants. We charge a small amount for the presentation ring, and, if you bought the main diamond from us, when you bring the ring back, we give you that full amount back. If she …

  4. The History of the Engagement Ring

    …The engagement ring took on its familiar form in 1886, when Tiffany & Co. introduced the “Tiffany setting” a six-prong ring designed to maximize a diamond’s brilliance by raising it up from the band. De Beers’ role in the diamond …Wedding bands go way back in history. One example of this is the Ancient Egyptians who were buried wearing rings made of a single silver or gold wire on the fourth finger of their left hands. The wedding band as a ring has … the heart by the “Vena amoris,” which translates to “Vein of Love.” The first recorded uses of a diamond engagement ring happened in 1477. Archduke Maximilian of the Hapsburg Dynasty proposes to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond engagement…

  5. How much should I spend on an engagement ring

    How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring

    You may have heard the rule of thumb that you should spend three months’ salary on the engagement ring. This could be extreme overkill, or it could be too small to meet the goal of exceeding her expectations. We will help…, the diamond and jewelry industry influenced culture to provide guidelines on the amount to spend on an engagement ring. In the 1930s, it started with one months’ salary to buy a diamond engagement ring. By the way, only about 10% of the… that time were diamond engagement rings. By the end of the 20th Century, over 80% of people gave diamond engagement rings. Diamond prices increased in that time frame due to simple supply and demand. The two months’ salary rule began in …

  6. Engagement Ring Style Guide

    There are many engagement ring styles. While some of those style come in and out of fashion, others are more timeless. Here are some of the …Simple Solitaire The solitaire is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a classic engagement ring. It is probably the most popular ring style across the history of diamond engagement rings. Fun trivia: it is said …usually small diamonds which allow the center stone to remain the undisputed focal point. Simple Halo The halo style ring was first introduced in the Georgian era (about 300 years ago). The original halo designs had round diamonds …

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  1. Sapphire Engagement Ring with Starburst Diamond Halo

    …, creating a vintage flavored silhouette. Additional diamond accents descend down either side of the shank. Six prongs hold the center stone for extra security, instead of just four. Created in hypo-allergenic 14k white gold

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  2. Custom Ring Guard with Diamond Accents

    … bands. The ring is accented at the top by two glittering round diamonds, one in a bezel setting, and one in a prong setting, giving a nice asymmetry to the piece

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  3. Oval Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

    … engagement ring was created in 14k rose gold. The oval brilliant cut center diamond rises above the shank in a 4-prong head, with glittering accent diamonds descending down either side of the shank from its base. Scalloped and milgrain …

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  4. Custom green emerald engagement ring with ballerina halo

    This gorgeous custom ring features a AAA 1.76ct asscher-cut Emerald. Surrounded by an halo of tapered baguette diamonds. It’s a breathtaking …

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  5. Orbit Crossover Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

    This unique engagement ring in 14k Rose Gold has a modern orbital crossover design, studded with round brilliant diamond accents. The sweeping … compliment the dazzling oval center diamond. Custom designed engagement rings are the perfect way to create a ring that is an expression of your unique personality

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  6. matching diamond wedding set stacked

    … is designed with the accent diamonds on the band and engagement ring lining up perfectly. The alternating bezel and prong setting gives these rings their own unique flair.  The stunning center diamond is set low and securely with 6 solid …

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  1. We add metal when we size rings up

    3 Things You Might Not Know About Jewelry Repair

    … jewelry repair? Many repairs are traditionally done with a torch. Jobs like soldering broken chains, retipping worn prongs, and sizing a ring all require a great deal of heat. However, if a fragile gemstone is set in jewelry that needs … wear completely through the bail. Even something as simple as hand lotion can build up in the small crevasses in rings causing the gems to lose some of their sparkle. Does your jewelry need some TLC? We offer a free jewelry evaluation …

  2. Diamond liquidation sale

    The Great Diamond Liquidation

    … available in store): Browse all loose diamonds › Of course, if you have the perfect diamond, you need the perfect ring. We have you covered there too with a great selection of engagement rings that let you pick your own center diamond. … let you pick your own main diamond. So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning on getting engaged, considering upgrading your diamond, or you just love a great deal, now is the time! Shop diamonds online , or come in the store …

  3. A bracelet display can help keep your jewelry organized

    How to Organize Your Jewelry

    … your look. If all of your jewelry is piled in a drawer, it will be easy to forget about, and you’ll wind up wearing your favorite pieces less often. It’s a simple truth: if you see your jewelry, you’ll wear it. So, have fun with it, go … around it. This can be a cool look, but it might be a bit more difficult to get to that one near the bottom. Rings and Earrings A traditional jewelry chest can be a great way to organize and display rings and earrings because many of …

  4. Intimately Public

    … man I pretended to be. Is now the time to show how much I love her for her? In many ways, the upgrade of a wedding ring is a more significant symbol of love than the original engagement ring. Now you know each other. All the games of …the jewelry only needs a change in the head to accommodate the new diamond. A Redesign is using some of the original ring to create a new design. This process is done as a custom design. If you decide to go with a Redesign, there are …

  5. Get cash for your unwanted or broken jewelry from Arden Jewlers

    Cash for Gold vs. Cash for Jewelry

    …horror stories of people being ripped off. One comes to mind about a lady who was paid $50 for a ring that had a one carat H color VS clarity diamond in it. The diamond alone was worth $2,500 to $5,000. She was given a fair Cash for Gold …We hear ads on TV all the time about “CASH for Gold.” We see ads all over the internet offering “CASH for Gold.” Our email inboxes are filled with spam for “CASH for Gold.” But, chances are you don’t have solid … the more famous Cash for Gold company said they pay from 20% of the gold value . That means, if the gold value is $100 they will offer $20, often times regardless of the value of the gemstones. That, in a nut shell, is how Cash for …

  6. Lab grown diamond vs natural tester

    Arden Jewelers Catches Undisclosed Lab Grown Diamond

    … diamond. Today, we’re sharing another way our gemologists are looking out for you. We recently received a pair of 3 carat diamonds from a trusted and well known diamond wholesaler. As part of our standard evaluation our head Graduate …

Fine Jewelry University (Show All FJU Articles)

  1. Nickel in jewelry can cause allergic reactions

    What to Do When Your Ring Irritates Your Skin

    Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to wear your engagement ring or other jewelry because it irritates your skin. Don’t worry. There are many options you have when faced with this …but their root causes and solutions are very different. Physical Irritation This can be caused by the design of the ring, a rough area that is the result of normal wear and tear, or a ring that is not sized correctly. If the ring is too … irritation and the solution may simply be to size the ring up slightly. Likewise, if there is a rough spot on the ring, that can normally be smoothed out by a jeweler. Changes in diet can dramatically affect our finger sizes. So, if the …

  2. The different parts of an engagement ring

    Anatomy of a Ring

    …any bands or other rings you plan to wear next to the main ring? Head The head is the piece that holds the gemstone. Pronged heads are most common. The prongs are the little claws of metal that secure the stone. Most prong heads in rings …because there are more points that have to fail for the stone to come out, but they also cover up more of the stone. Prongs, like shanks, can wear away and need to be built up to prevent the stone from falling out. The very top of the …

  3. Rough lab grown man made diamonds

    Is a Lab Grown Diamond Right for Me?

    Picking a diamond for your engagement ring is a big decision. For most of us, buying a diamond is a significant financial undertaking, and we want to get it … are conflict free, and you can buy verifiable Canadian diamonds of known origin if you want), it is still reassuring to know that with lab grown diamonds, you can be totally confident that your diamond did not support wars or child labor… economy of the host country. Often times, these countries are impoverished, and the jobs and income that the mine brings can help elevate many people out of poverty. Lab grown diamonds are not one-of-a-kind in the same way that natural …

  4. The 4 Cs of Diamonds

    Diamond Buying Guide: The 4 C’s

    …, our gemologists are more than happy to answer any questions you have so please feel free to visit us anytime. Carat Weight Diamonds are small, so the scale that is used to describe diamond weights uses very small units. A carat equals 1/… of one gram. A carat is divided into 100 points. A diamond can be described as 75 points or 0.75 carats or 3/4 of a carat. It is a good practice to know the exact weight of a diamond when buying or selling. The weight of a diamond is …

  5. Learn Secret Diamond Buying Skills From a Professional Diamond Buyer

    … a million dollars worth in your pocket the standards to evaluate diamonds are extremely exciting. The four C’s of carat, cut, color and clarity determine a common comparison. They don’t set the price, just the basis to determine the price…analysis, the price of a diamond is whatever two people agree it is. The easiest starting place for diamond value is carat. All carat describes is how much a diamond weighs. Diamonds are small so the scale it is measured with uses very …

  6. Retipping is an important jewelry repair technique

    Jewelry Repair FAQ

    … jewelry to look just the way it did before a gemstone fell out; who wouldn’t? That’s why we have literally 100s of carats of loose diamonds, sapphires, rubies, opals, pearls, and more in all shapes and sizes to choose from when selecting … why do I need it? In a large number of jewelry pieces, the valuable diamonds and gemstones are held in place with prongs. With wear, the tops of these prongs can become worn down. If the prongs wear down too much, the stone becomes at …

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  1. Ring Cam Proposal Camera at Arden Jewelers

    Ring Cam – Capture Your Proposal on Video

    Ring Cam is an exciting new technology that allows you to capture your proposal on HD video. It’s a camera with a wide …

  2. Cathedral Ring Mountings

    The cathedral mounting is one of the many choices you have when you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring. It has many variations and its own set of pros and cons. Knowing more about this unique style can help you decide …

  3. Fox 40 interviews Arden Jewelres on proposal camera

    Fox 40 Ring Cam Interview

    The Ring Cam is a special engagement ring box that has a hidden camera. You can use it to capture your proposal on video to …this, they sent a reporter to our shop to get the inside story. A big thanks goes out to Eddie and Shandretta for sharing their proposal video and for being there for the interview. It was great to be able to relive that moment with them…

  4. Pavé Setting

    … from Arden Jewelers explains the very popular pavé style of setting. Pavé or bead setting creates a stunning look, but how is it done? What are the pros and cons? What should you be aware of before buying a pavé set engagement ring or other piece of jewelry? Find out the answers to all of these questions and more from this fun and informative video

  5. How to tell if a diamond is loose in your ring

    How to Check if Your Diamond is Loose

    The worst day of owning a ring comes when you look down and you notice that your diamond is missing. One of the best ways to prevent this is to … this video we’ll show you two easy ways you can tell if your diamond (or other gemstone) is loose at home. Hold the ring close to your ear in one hand and gently tap the bottom of it with the other. Listen for a faint rattling sound. Use…pen cap to gently prod each gemstone looking for a small amount of movement. If you do find a loose gemstone in your ring, we recommend you stop wearing it immediately and bring it in so one of our jewelers can check it for you. Most of …

  6. How to clean your jewelry at home

    How to Clean Jewelry at Home

    … may become loose. Over time, dust and grime can build up in between a gem and its setting. If, for example, a prong has been knocked slightly out of position, the built up dirt can actually be holding the gem in place. After the piece is …Jewelry looks best when it’s cleaned regularly. While we recommend that you bring your jewelry in every 6 months to a year for a professional cleaning and checkup, there are a lot of great ways you … cleaning solution won’t be able to remove this discoloration. If that happens to you, don’t worry, you can always bring your jewelry to Arden Jewelers and our jewelers can polish off the oxidization for you. Ultrasonic Cleaners We use …

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