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  1. Gold Purity and The Differences Between White and Yellow Gold

    …another. Gold is an expression of love. Gold Purity Is all gold the same? We hear a piece of jewelry is pure gold or solid gold or 24 karat gold, but what does it all mean? Gold used in jewelry like wedding rings can come in many forms. … a K is the purity of gold, Carat with a C is a measure of weight use mostly in gem weight (one carat is 1/5 gram). Karated gold used in engagement rings can be from 100% gold to as low as 37% gold. Gold‘s karat grade is used to express …

  2. The Difference Between White Gold and Platinum

    The first difference between white gold and platinum is the most basic and is the foundation of all the other differences. White gold and platinum are …. Platinum is itself a white metal. White gold and platinum have their own properties that make them unique. How is white gold made? White gold is an alloy of gold and some white metals such as silver, nickel or palladium. The white color …of the alloying metals, which bleach the deep yellow of pure gold. The amount of alloy mixed with gold is called its karat. The key to understanding gold karat is the karat value over 24. An example is a 14karat gold wedding ring. It is …

  3. See the Star White Gold difference

    Star White Gold

    How white is your white gold? Style, fashion, and beauty are all reasons to choose white gold. White gold compliments diamonds…addition, not all gas is created equally. We have all had the experience of poor performance due to poorly made gas. White gold also has three grades. Grade 3 is off white, grade 2 is standard, and grade 1 is premium. This means that when …. Rhodium is a metal very similar to platinum and rhodium shares many of the properties of platinum including its white color. The rhodium plating is used to make the white gold look whiter. The natural color of the white gold could …

  4. Nickel in jewelry can cause allergic reactions

    What to Do When Your Ring Irritates Your Skin

    …when they wear certain jewelry. One of the most common metal allergies is Nickel which is added to pure gold in many white gold alloys. The Nickel is what makes the gold white, but it can also cause an allergic reaction. Some people are … the exact cause and solution of an allergic reaction is not as simple as it may seem. Jewelry, especially white gold, is often plated to give it a brighter finish. White gold alloys are often plated with Rhodium which is a member of the …

  5. Measuring Gold Weight

    The old riddle goes: what weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of gold? Some say gold because it is heavier. Others say they are both a pound so they weigh the same. Both are wrong. How …Tradition. Gold is not weighed in the ordinary weights. Gold is weighed in the troy measurement system. One ounce of gold is not the same as the ordinary ounce (really called avoirdupois ounce). The best way to understand this is to …. An avoirdupois ounce converts to 28.34 grams approximately. The troy ounce is 31.1 approximately. You say, “Aha! Gold weigh more, so a pound of gold weighs more than a pound of feathers.” Unfortunately there is one more piece of the …

  6. Jewelry solder is different than normal jewelry metals

    Jewelry Solder: What You Should Know

    … on gold jewelry, but the same concepts also apply to silver and platinum as well. If your ring is made out of 14 karat gold, you know that approximately 56% of it is gold with the rest being made up by a variety of different metals like …, but what does this have to do with solder? With solder a different set of alloy metals are used than with regular karat gold with the purpose of lowering the melting point of the finished metal. These metals–usually zinc, cadmium, tin or…

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  1. matching diamond wedding set stacked

    … is designed with the accent diamonds on the band and engagement ring lining up perfectly. The alternating bezel and prong setting gives these rings their own unique flair.  The stunning center diamond is set low and securely with 6 solid prongs

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  2. Custom Modern Diamond Pendant

    … center diamond. Two flush set diamonds accent the center, one of which is a black diamond. Created in 14k Star White Gold

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  3. Sapphire Engagement Ring with Starburst Diamond Halo

    …the shank. Six prongs hold the center stone for extra security, instead of just four. Created in hypo-allergenic 14k white gold

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  4. Custom horse white gold band Front view of ring

    This ring was designed for an equestrian. Twin horses jump into the center. The ring is constructed with 14k star white gold in a smooth low profile which helps prevent snagging while riding

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  5. edge of ring showing emeralds and sapphire

    The vibrant round blue sapphire is carefully set next to a cute carved metal panda which sits atop this ring. The panda features white and black rhodium which gives this little guy the classic markings. A lattice of open metal bamboo stocks on both sides of the ring with marquise cut emeralds gemstones make this ring truly unique

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  6. round halo graduating diamond engagement ring front

    The perfectly round halo is a great backdrop to the glittering center diamond. Groups of three diamonds on each side give this ring a smooth tapered feel. The small accent diamonds on the sides adds just a little extra sparkle.

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  1. pearl diamond earrings front view

    White Pearl Earrings with Omega Back and Baguette Diamonds

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  2. bypass white gold diamond branch ring front view

    Bypass Tree Branch Diamond Engagement Ring

  3. pearl strand front hanging

    White AAA Pearl Strand Necklace Knotted with 14k Yellow Clasp

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  4. White Gold Necklace with Round Brilliant Diamond front view

    White Gold Necklace with Round Brilliant Diamond

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  5. Simple Diamond Necklace in White Gold front view

    Simple Diamond Necklace in White Gold

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  1. Get cash for your unwanted or broken jewelry from Arden Jewlers

    Cash for Gold vs. Cash for Jewelry

    … “CASH for Gold.” Our email inboxes are filled with spam for “CASH for Gold.” But, chances are you don’t have solid gold bricks laying around that you want to convert to cash. You have jewelry for sale. Is there a difference between “Cash … for Gold companies factor in the diamonds and gemstones? I saw a news report where one of the more famous Cash for Gold company said they pay from 20% of the gold value . That means, if the gold value is $100 they will offer $20, often …

  2. News 10 Gold Investment Story at Arden Jewelers

    News 10 Gold Investment Story at Arden Jewelers

    A few days ago, with the debt ceiling deadline looming and gold reaching record highs, a news crew from KXTV channel 10 paid us a visit to get an inside look at precious metals (… opportunity. Check out the story right here, or you can watch it on the News 10 website . Since that story aired, gold has shattered it’s previous record highs and reached over $1,780 per ounce! The current gold market is very volatile, … the market at its height, or if you’re just curious how much your jewelry is worth at these never-before-seen gold prices, stop by Arden Jewelers . Our professional jewelry buyers will examine your jewelry and give you a no pressure …

  3. Price of gold chart for March of 2023

    Gold Nears Historic High, Is Now the Time to Sell?

    Update (3/20/2024): Since this article was originally published, gold has broken through the old record and is currently trading around $2,160.00 per ounce. Bring in your jewelry anytime… opportunity to cash out of jewelry that we no longer love. Of course, we pay for the whole piece and not just the gold weight when we are buying. But, when gold is so high, the intrinsic value of any gold jewelry is significantly …a great time to see how much it’s worth. Some things we buy: Chains, bracelets, necklaces Broken jewelry made out of gold, silver, or platinum Single/mismatched earrings Engagement rings and wedding bands …much more On the flip side, …

  4. From Kitco.com

    The Time to Sell Your Gold Is Now

    I’ve said it before, but it’s still true today. Gold prices are high, and now is a great time to get some extra cash out of that old jewelry that just sits in the drawer… dust. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials on TV about all of the new company’s springing up that suddenly buy gold. If you feel uncomfortable sending your valuable jewelry away to some company you’ve never heard of before (and I can’t …

  5. Debt, Gold, and You – A Financial Perspective

    …they have them. Assets like broken jewelry can represent thousands of dollars just sitting unused. Items like dental gold, old class rings, gold nuggets, and inheritance jewelry that you will never wear can be liquidated for cash to lower…

  6. Gold jewelry value can vary depending on the situation

    How Much is My Jewelry Worth?

    … per gram by dividing it by 31.1 which equals $41.80 per gram. Multiply that by the gold purity of the jewelry. 14 karat gold is roughly 58% gold and 42% alloy. So, that would be: $41.80 × 0.58 = $24.24 which is the price per gram of 14 …and easiest to understand. The equation for intrinsic value is: intrinsic value = metal value + gem value The metal (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) and gems (diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, etc.) are valued as raw materials based on current…

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  1. News 10 Gold Investment Story at Arden Jewelers

    News 10 Gold Story at Arden Jewelers

    When KXTV News channel 10 did a story on the debt ceiling debate and its impact on the gold market, they came to us for an expert opinion. Arden Jewelers has been buying gold jewelry and watching the gold

  2. At home gold tests holding a lemon next to a bracelet

    At Home Gold Tests

    In this video we try out some of the at-home gold tests we’ve seen online. Some of these creative solutions actually worked pretty well…and, some of them didn’t. We… more professional gold testing methods work. We demonstrate how to use a touchstone acid test kit and an electronic gold tester (see the links below for the products we used in the video). Here is a quick rundown of our results: Home … leave the piece in the bleach for 15-30 minutes. If you see any kind of reaction, the piece is likely not genuine gold. Your mileage may vary, but we found that this can catch some fakes. Liquid Foundation. This one really surprised us. …

  3. KCRA jewelry buying story at Arden Jewelers

    KCRA Visits Arden Jewelers

    When KCRA 3 did a report on selling gold jewelry, they compared our offer to a gold party and other local jewelers. Arden Jeweler’s gave them the most for …

  4. How to clean your jewelry at home

    How to Clean Jewelry at Home

    …, Tourmaline. All the same caveats mentioned about ultrasonics apply here as well. Polishing Cloth . Only use on solid precious metals like: Sterling Silver, Karat Gold (10k, 14k, 18k, etc.), Platinum, Palladium. Also, keep in mind that a … high percentage of white gold is rhodium plated . Excessive polishing can actually remove the plating and cause the white gold to look yellow . With most gemstones not included on these lists, you can generally use a toothbrush with mild …

  5. How we make our True North star pendant

    Making Our True North Diamond Star Pendant

    …is a short walk through showing how we make on of our original True North necklaces. We show you how we take the 14k karat white gold and diamond version from a rough casting all the way to a finished piece. The steps include: Melting and …

  6. ABC News Investigates Cash For Gold Operations

    ABC News investigates mail away Cash For Gold operations and finds their offers wanting. Potential sellers should be very wary of these companies. Arden Jewelers …

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  1. Pearl earrings and pendants

    White Christmas

    White Christmas This classic collection features pearl earrings and necklaces in a beautiful variety of styles and price ranges. Pearls exude a timeless beauty and a subtle elegance that no other gift can match. You can’t go wrong when you …

  2. Gene from Diamond and Gold Vault with Angelo from Arden Jewelers

    Welcome Diamond & Gold Vault Clients

    Welcome Diamond & Gold Vault clients! After many years of service, Diamond & Gold Vault has officially closed its doors. We at Arden … of after he retired. So, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a family run shop just like Diamond & Gold Vault was, and we share the same values of personal attention, keeping a low overhead, and passing savings directly on… about the coverage on your jewelry and where you will go to maintain it. As a special courtesy to Diamond & Gold Vault clients, Arden Jewelers will honor the general terms of the warranty you had before! As Gene or another team …

  3. Jewelry That We Buy

    … appraisal. We buy back jewelry even if you didn’t get it from us. We Buy Gold Gold jewelry is a big category. Any karat of gold is worth money. Any color of gold is worth money. We buy yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and even green …awards or time with a company can also be valuable. We Buy Platinum Platinum jewelry is also valuable. Platinum is a white metal and can last for many years. Broken platinum jewelry is welcome. We buy just about anything made out of …

  4. Abstract modern off center engagement ring - perspective

    Custom Jewelry Design FAQ

    … changes every season just like clothes do. What’s hot now will not be next season. Some trends are long like the white gold and platinum look which has been going on for over seven years now. The current design look with every surface of … gem setting features. Can I make platinum custom design jewelry? Yes, you can have the jewelry made in platinum, 14 karat gold or even sterling silver. We can make your jewelry in many different types of gold like 9, 10 14, 18, 22, 24 …

  5. Presentation Engagement Ring

    …, but it is not needed. Next, we set it in a four or six prong solitaire (Tiffany style) setting. It can be in 14 karat white or yellow gold. Propose with the presentation ring. Come back with your new fiancée, and pick out the ring style …

  6. What’s Your Jewelry Style?

    …style and explore your options. Simple and Elegant You’re not a flashy or flamboyant person. In your closet you find solid colors with clean lines and subtle, neutral tones. You don’t need to be the center of attention, and for you, grace … express a timelessness that speaks to everlasting love. Artistic and Vintage If only we could get back to the Golden Age. Maybe you’re an artistic person, who loves to express your creativity in your style. Maybe you just love the look …

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