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  1. Rose Quartz Cushion Bezel Ring

    Rose Quartz Cushion Bezel Ring

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    Rose Quartz Silver Bezel Ring

    Rose Quartz Silver Bezel Ring

  3. Rose Gold Morganite Stud Earrings With Diamond Halo

    Rose Gold Morganite Stud Earrings With Diamond Halo

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  4. Sale!
    Vintage style rose gold hoop earrings

    Vintage Style Filigree Hoop Earrings

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  5. Asteria : Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

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  6. California Tourmaline : Simple Stud Earrings front view

    California Tourmaline : Simple Stud Earrings

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  1. Collection of loose and mounted quartz gems of various types

    Gem in the Spotlight: Quartz

    …well known but surprising? What is affordably priced sometimes and sometimes unattainably expensive? If you answered quartz to all these questions you would be right (but naturally you looked at the title and knew). Quartz is one of the … earth. Many quartz varieties are cut into gemstones, but some varieties are very rare. Some are ordinary like rock quartz, others are exotic like Drusy Quartz. Some quartz material is a dollar per pound while others are $1,000+ per carat. …

  2. Styles of Earring Backs

    Earrings come in many different styles. Here we will explore the more common types of earring backs, highlighting some of the… the proper name for it. Maybe you are looking for the perfect gift. Maybe you are having trouble with your current earrings and are looking for alternatives. Or maybe you are simply interested in expanding your general jewelry knowledge. … backs,” and sometimes “push backs.” These are undoubtedly the most common style of earring back. They work on earrings with posts, using friction to secure the earring in place–hence the name. Often times the post has a notch so that the …

  3. Group of loose spinel gemstones with finished jewelry

    Gem in the Spotlight: Spinel

    … spinel is a great choice for all forms of jewelry. We recommend occasional wear for rings and bracelets, but earrings and pendants are suitable for daily wear. Spinel can come in virtually any color of the rainbow which is one of the reasons… with care. Its Mohs hardness of 8 puts it on par with Topaz. It’s softer than diamond or sapphire but harder than quartz, tourmaline, and peridot. With proper care there’s no reason why a piece of spinel jewelry can’t last for generations …

  4. Loose fantasy cut aquamarine

    Gem in the Spotlight: Aquamarine

    … says, “to dream of aquamarine signifies the making of new friends.” Another saying is, “to wear aquamarine earrings brings love and affection.” Aquamarine as a precious stone has always been popular. In ancient times, the aquamarine was … 2.72 and it has a Mohs hardness of 7.5-8.0. For comparison, this means that it is softer than Sapphire, harder than Quartz, and similar to Topaz. This makes it a very durable stone that is suitable for regular wear. But, care should still …

  5. Group of loose amethyst gems emerald cut trillion and oval

    Gem in the Spotlight: Amethyst

    Amethyst is known for its beautiful purple color, and it is the most important quartz variety used in jewelry. Purple has long been considered a royal color, so it is not surprising that amethyst has … which means that it can withstand daily wear and tear. Amethyst has the same refractive index as other varieties of quartz at 1.54-1.55 and is doubly refractive. It has a vitreous polish luster and its specific gravity is 2.66. Its …tribute to the goddess Diana. In order to protect Amethyst, Diana turned her into a statue made of pure, crystalline quartz. Dionysus, upon seeing the stunning statue, wept tears of wine in remorse for his actions. These tears stained the …

  6. Synthetic Gems: The Whole Story

    … made silicon carbide. In gemology, any material used to look like a gem is called a simulant. So clear glass, rock quartz, GGG, and Moissanite are all diamond simulants. They look like diamonds, but they are not diamonds. These simulants … millions of dollars worth of equipment and world class personnel. Synthetic diamonds on the high end and synthetic quartz on the low end are both very difficult to positively identify as synthetic. Both, I feel, are impossible to identify …

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  1. wire wrapped gold quartz and garnet necklace in silver and 22k front

    These necklaces were hand wire wrapped by one of our talented jewelers in sterling silver and high karat yellow gold. Each necklace is custom fitted and formed for each of the gold quartz stones. The care and craftsmanship is seen in these bold pendants. Hand wire wrapping can easily be customized to suite more bold or minimalist designs

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  2. Smoky Quartz Custom Statement Ring

    This vintage inspired rings makes a strong statement. It features a large, emerald cut Smoky Quartz and braided rope accents running up the sides of the shank. The stone is set with 4 strong prongs which accent the …

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  3. This daisy themed skeleton key pendant has a whimsical fairy tale-like design and warm rose gold complimented by glittering round cut pink sapphires. This piece is now available for order directly through our…

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  4. Oval Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

    This elegant custom engagement ring was created in 14k rose gold. The oval brilliant cut center diamond rises above the shank in a 4-prong head, with glittering accent diamonds descending down either side of the shank from its base. Scalloped and milgrain detail add a touch of vintage flare

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  5. rose gold morganite knot ring front angle

    This elegant woven knot ring was custom made for this beautiful morganite gemstone. The rose gold compliments the exquisite color of this morganite. The curved gallery and the matching Celtic knots tie this ring together nicely

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  6. Rose gold three stone ring with diamond band

    We modified this classic three stone ring design to perfectly accommodate our customer’s diamonds. Sometimes custom jewelry is more about tweaking an existing ring design than coming up with something brand new. This ring set with the customer’s diamonds didn’t cost a fortune, but makes an unforgettable impression. Throw in a matching band to add an extra bit of sparkle, and the finished set is both timeless and jaw dropping.

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  1. Diamond stud earrings on sale

    $10 Diamond Earrings this Valentine’s Day

    It’s not a typo. We have genuine diamond stud earrings on sale right now at our shop for $10. They are set in sterling silver, and they make a great little Valentine’s Day… Valentine’s list in one stop. All of our gifts are on sale for 30-50% off right now, so you’re not limited to stud earrings. You can get an amazing deal on pendants, Tiffany & Co , birthstone jewelry, and more. One of the most romantic …

  2. Congratulations to our Instagram contest winners

    Win 0.50ct Diamond Stud Earrings

    …’s Day we are excited to be holding our first ever Instagram contest. We’re giving away a pair of 0.50ct TDW earrings set in 14k white gold completely free with no strings attached. These earrings normally retail for $1,495! Ready to find out… Waiting? If you’d rather not wait to see if you are one of our contest winners, we have a fantastic selection of earrings and gifts on sale right now. Here are just a few pieces available online. You can also browse all gifts or visit us in …

  3. Stud earrings on sale

    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

    … up to 50% off on genuine Tiffany & Co. rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. Tiffany jewelry is both iconic and beautiful. You can’t go wrong giving her that light blue box. We’re also highlighting another jewelry staple: stud earrings. A sure fire gift idea, studs go with anything, and we have a huge variety to choose from (all on sale for Valentine’s Day). In addition to the classic diamond studs, we also have a great selection of gemstones like emerald, ruby, …

  4. Christmas 2017 Jewelry Gift Guide

    Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide 2017

    … classic, and no girl should be without her go-to pearls. We are featuring a modern and stylish collection of pearl earrings and necklaces this year at fantastic discounts (starting at $37 on sale). Opal Jewelry These dazzling pieces feature … of beautiful jewelry on sale right now. Find your style, take your pick, and at these prices, you can’t go wrong. Rose Gold Jewelry The combination of the soft pink gems like rose quartz and morganite with rose gold creates a beautiful …

  5. Valentines Day jewelry gift ideas rings

    50% Off Valentine’s Day Gifts

    … gift: Heart shaped diamond ring Rose gold rings with colored gemstones Petite, thin rose gold rings Diamond stud earrings Diamond engagement rings Dancing diamond pendants Much, much, more In addition to our Valentine’s Day sale, we have … ring, or a brand new one. Or, we can put together a matching pair for you, so you can make your own diamond earrings. The possibilities are endless, and the savings are incredible

  6. Arden Jewelers in Sacramento California

    Welcome to the New Arden Jewelers

    … drawer is complete without a set of go-to pearls. We are featuring a modern, and stylish collection of pearl earrings and necklaces this year at incredible prices. Select opal jewelry . These dazzling pieces feature gorgeous Australian and … until December 25th! This includes: Rose gold and morganite jewelry . The combination of soft pink gems like rose quartz and morganite with rose gold creates a beautiful and very trendy look. Select pearl jewelry . Pearls are a timeless …

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  1. Rose gold and morganite jewelry gifts 2017

    Mistletoe and Holly

    Mistletoe and Holly This gorgeous collection features soft pink gemstones like rose quartz and morganite set in rose gold. The colors are a prefect compliment to each other creating a beautiful and trendy …

  2. Jewelry That We Buy

    … a lot of money. We buy natural gold nuggets. Gold flakes and dust are both worth money. We even buy gold in natural quartz rock. Arden Jewelers buy all types of gold class rings. These can be from high school class rings, collage class …

  3. Asteria Jewelry Gallery

    Here you can see pictures of Asteria jewelry. You can find Asteria rings, pendants, and earrings for any style and then buy them right here online.

  4. Trusted Jewelry Repair

    … Laser repair work – we can fix jewelry that was unfixable before! Fixing breaks in rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and just about anything else that’s broken Cleaning and refurbishing jewelry to look like new Soldering rings together … all kinds Start to finish custom jewelry design Tightening loose gems that are in danger of falling out Converting earrings to pierced or clip backs (or visa-versa) Rhodium plating and gold plating And much, much more… Not sure if your …

  5. Arden Jewelers in Sacramento CA

    About Us

    … to bring you the newest and best jewelry fashions alongside the traditional jewelry favorites like diamond stud earrings and classic solitaire rings. We have a wide variety of engagement rings, wedding bands, diamonds, colored stones, …

  6. Double halo engagement ring

    Double Halo Engagement Ring

    … Setting Choose your ring size and pick the center diamond that fits your style and budget. Once you have everything just right, go ahead and place your order. Want more customization options? Would you prefer a different metal like rose gold? No problem!  Contact us with your ideas, and we’ll do everything we can to make them a


  1. Valentines Day gift ideas with Fox 40 at Arden Jewelers

    Fox 40 Visits Arden Jewelers for Valentine’s Gift Ideas

    Fox 40’s morning news team interviewed Angelo from Arden Jewelers to get some Valentine’s Day 2015 gift ideas. We talked about engagement ring upgrades, dancing diamonds , diamond stud earrings, Asteria , and more. We had a lot of fun with the reporter ( Gary Gelfand ), and it was great to see the shop on the news

  2. Three engraved necklaces a cross a heart and a disc being worn at sunset

    Engravable Jewelry Sale for 2023

    Our brand new line of engravable jewelry is on sale now for 50% off. This beautiful new collection features simple pendants, rings, and earrings that can be personalized with your own engraved message by our in-house team of jewelers. Create your own unique jewelry today!

  3. How to clean your jewelry at home

    How to Clean Jewelry at Home

    … is safe to clean with it. Ultrasonic : Only use the ultrasonic with the following gems: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, Topaz, Tourmaline, Aqua, Morganite, Alexandrite, Garnet. Remember the warning above that other factors (like …When in doubt, ask your jeweler. Steamer : Only use a steam cleaner on the following gems: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, Topaz, Tourmaline. All the same caveats mentioned about ultrasonics apply here as well. Polishing Cloth . Only use …

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