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  1. Throwback pricing on vintage and modern jewelry

    Throwback Pricing for Our 30th Anniversary

    … of history: the first was the World Wide Web, and the second was Arden Jewelers . This year, to celebrate our 30th anniversary we’re going back in time to where it all began and pricing select pieces at 1989 prices! One entire showcase at our … problem. The rest of the store* will be on sale 30% off from now until December 24th. You’ll find amazing deals on: Diamond stud earrings Engagement rings Birthstone gifts for every month Pearls And much more If you’re looking for gift …

  2. Group of stackable rings with four different white gold diamond bands

    Stackable Bands Christmas Sale Starting Now

    … things like: Birthstone jewelry Genuine Tiffany and Co One-of-a-kind antique pieces Earrings, pendants, brooches Diamond engagement rings A whole lot more… Also, from now until November 26th, our entire Etsy shop is on sale for 15% off. …showroom . This amazing offer is available in-store and online. There’s no coupon code needed. Just add two stacking bands to your cart and enjoy the savings. Looking to buy more than two? You’ll save 50% off on each additional band that …

  3. Intimately Public

    … two of the main ways to give the gift of jewelry. Upgrades are usually “up-sizing” to a bigger or higher grade main diamond. Many times, the jewelry only needs a change in the head to accommodate the new diamond. A Redesign is using some of… or twice in a marriage. The wedding ring is the most intimately public symbol of love. For better or worse, this diamond jewelry is the most tangible expression of love we have in our culture. With all the turmoil and uncertainty of today, …

  4. Shop local to take advantage of falling diamond prices

    News 10, Diamond Prices, and Shopping Local

    A few weeks ago, a reporter from News 10 contacted us to get some expert insight into diamond pricing trends. We were happy to help, and our gemologist, Dan explained some of the factors behind the price drop. … advantage of up-to-date pricing data much faster to give you the best possible deal. Our gemologists understand the diamond buying game . Did you know that two 1ct H VS2 diamonds with GIA certificates can be valued differently by thousands … to correctly judge complex factors like diamond cut enables our gemologists to find you better values on beautiful diamonds. The way we source our diamonds and jewelry also allows us to save you money. When a big chain buys jewelry in bulk…

  5. Diamond liquidation sale

    The Great Diamond Liquidation

    If you were waiting for the opportune moment to buy a diamond, this is it . We are liquidating a huge number of diamonds in preparation for our upcoming showroom remodel. That … up to 75% off of retail . This is by far, our biggest diamond sale ever. Check out some of the great deals on loose diamonds we have available online right now (even more deals are available in store): Browse all loose diamonds › Of course… ring. We have you covered there too with a great selection of engagement rings that let you pick your own center diamond. Here are a few great engagement rings we have on sale now. You can also browse all of our rings that let you pick your…

  6. Pearl strands with text 50 percent off pearls

    Pearl Takeover Event Going on Now

    …great gift idea for someone born in June (or with children born in June), this is the place. They are also fantastic anniversary gifts. Pearls are the traditional gift for the 3rd, 12th, and 30th anniversary, but what anniversary isn’t better …

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  1. Throwback pricing jewelry sale

    Throwback Pricing for our 30th Anniversary

    We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary this year with throwback pricing on select jewelry. We loaded up one showcase with retro 80s styles alongside modern jewelry and priced everything in it at 1989 prices. We also put almost all the rest of our jewelry on sale for 30% …

  2. Stackable bands buy one get one 75 percent off

    Stackable Bands BOGO Sale 2022 Colors

    Stackable bands are a great way to express your creativity. Wear just one or create your own unique combination. Mix them up to …The possibilities are endless. For the holiday season in 2022 we are running a special BOGO offer on select stacking bands. Contact us for more details

  3. Stackable bands buy one get one 75 percent off

    Stackable Bands BOGO Sale 2022 Piano

    Stackable bands allow you to create your own looks by mixing and matching different styles. Pick your favorites and combine them in unique ways to make them your own. As a special treat for Christmas of 2022 you can buy one stacking band and get the …

  4. News 10 on falling diamond prices at local jeweler Arden Jewelers

    News 10 Falling Diamond Prices Interview

    A reporter for News 10’s morning news show contacted Arden Jewelers to get the inside story on decreasing diamond prices just in time for Valentine’s Day 2015. Our gemologist, Dan, was able to explain some of the reasons for the … can take advantage of it. By shopping at local jewelers like Arden Jewelers who can quickly react to changes in the diamond market, customers can save on their diamond engagement ring and general diamond jewelry purchases. Thanks to Dina …

  5. How we make our True North star pendant

    Making Our True North Diamond Star Pendant

    … showing how we make on of our original True North necklaces. We show you how we take the 14k karat white gold and diamond version from a rough casting all the way to a finished piece. The steps include: Melting and casting the gold Sanding …

  6. Floating diamond necklaces

    Floating Diamond Necklaces

    … this exciting new line of minimalist necklaces we have just released. These classic designs highlight the main diamond (or gemstone) and go with any look or style. See the full line of floating diamond pendants here

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  1. Stackable bands buy one get one for 75 percent off

    Stackable Bands : Buy One, Get One 75% Off

    … me understand more about the 4-C’s. I’d recommend Arden Jewelers to anyone looking to buy an engagement ring or any diamonds.” – Brad M. (Sacramento, CA) How it Works When you buy one stackable band at the regular price, you will get the …Stackable Bands BOGO Stackable bands are a fantastic gift idea. They’re fun, simple, and they let you personalize your look by … at the regular price, you’ll get the second one at 75% off !* There’s no coupon code needed. Just add two stacking bands to your cart and enjoy the savings. “From the moment I stepped foot in the door, Angelo and his team made me feel …

  2. Salt and pepper diamond rings

    Salt and Pepper Diamond Jewelry

    Introducing Salt and Pepper Diamonds Welcome to the brand new Salt and Pepper line of jewelry from Arden Jewelers. These unique pieces each feature a … show. It’s a fresh new take on diamond jewelry, and they sell for less than half of comparable traditional, clear diamonds. Whether you are looking for a non-traditional engagement ring or a new accent piece to compliment your look, salt …

  3. Learn about how diamonds are set

    Diamond Setting Style Comparison

    … choice. You will see 4 prong settings in a broad range of designs, from cathedral shanks to tapered shanks, and diamond accents to no accents. Whether you prefer a minimal solitaire design, or something more extravagant, this setting style … two points. This method of setting holds the stone securely, while allowing more of the stone to be visible. When a diamond is suspended in a channel setting, it allows more light to reach the underside of the stone, making it appear to …

  4. Gene from Diamond and Gold Vault with Angelo from Arden Jewelers

    Welcome Diamond & Gold Vault Clients

    Welcome Diamond & Gold Vault clients! After many years of service, Diamond & Gold Vault has officially closed its doors. We … well taken care of after he retired. So, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a family run shop just like Diamond & Gold Vault was, and we share the same values of personal attention, keeping a low overhead, and passing … some questions about the coverage on your jewelry and where you will go to maintain it. As a special courtesy to Diamond & Gold Vault clients, Arden Jewelers will honor the general terms of the warranty you had before! As Gene or …

  5. Floating diamond necklaces

    Floating Diamond Necklace

    Floating Diamonds This brand new collection features solitaire diamonds (and gemstones) placed in simple settings and suspended on … go with any look and can be layered to create your own unique style. No collection is complete without your go to diamond studs and your floating diamond necklace. The entire collection is on sale now 50% off for a limited time. Grab your …

  6. Balance environmentally friendly engagement rings

    Balance : Earth Friendly Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

    … with you in mind. These original designs are handcrafted in our Sacramento studio using recycled gold and lab grown diamonds. Every aspect, from the design, to the materials, to the craftsmanship was carefully chosen to give you a ring that… a statement, a choice to find new meaning in an old and treasured symbol. Earth-Friendly: Recycled Gold, Lab Grown Diamonds What does it mean for an engagement ring to be earth-friendly? For us it means minimizing the environmental impact …

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  1. Sale!
    Rose gold thin diamond wedding band

    Delicate Stackable Diamond Wedding Band

  2. pave diamond bead band front angle

    Alternating Pave and Diamond Bead Stackable Band

  3. curved staggered band front view on white background

    Curved Contour Stackable Band with Staggered Diamonds

  4. twisted diamond front angle band on white background

    Twisted Diamond Stackable Band

  5. twisted branch wedding band front view

    Diamond Wedding Band Twisted Branch with Leaf Details

  6. front angle white gold milgrain round and baguette diamond band on white background

    Round and Baguette Cut Diamond Stackable Milgrain Band


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  1. Custom Aquamarine Ring with Diamond Accents

    This custom design features an oval aquamarine center stone with rare half-moon cut diamond accents on either side. This ring is classic and sophisticated, but with a dash of the unexpected

    More details ›
  2. emerald diamond platinum tennis bracelet with flower background

    This absolutely stunning eternity platinum and diamond tennis bracelet features one single emerald and a swinging pear cut diamond. Our designer worked meticulously to … order of the multiple diamond shapes. This bracelet is the perfect combination of the modern design and the classic diamond bracelet

    More details ›
  3. Custom Wedding Set with Pear Diamond and Baguette Accents

    This custom wedding set in 14k hypo-allergenic white gold, features a gorgeous pear cut center diamond, with a baguette diamond on either side. The band has three baguette diamonds, angled outward like a crown, with …

    More details ›
  4. ruby, sapphire, diamond crown ring front view

    A vibrant heart cut ruby is front and center on this fun ring. The matching pair of blue sapphire accents are nestled each side of the crown. Carefully crafted swooping yellow gold and chevron diamond band work together to make this special design

    More details ›
  5. Two Tone Three Ring Wedding Set with Hexagon Halo

    … ring. The bands bring contrast with yellow gold, and the asymmetry adds an artistic note. On one side is a simple diamond band, and on the other side is a specially designed band with round brilliant diamonds, fitting perfectly against the …

    More details ›
  6. Custom Modern Diamond Pendant

    This sleek and modern pendant design showcases a round brilliant center diamond. Two flush set diamonds accent the center, one of which is a black diamond. Created in 14k Star White Gold

    More details ›

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  1. Lab grown synthetic diamond Type IIa tester with diamond

    How to Tell If a Diamond Is Natural or Lab Grown

    How can I know if my diamond is real? This is a question we get all the time, and it’s not as simple as you might think. First, you have to … are not familiar with lab grown diamonds, you might want to check out our introduction to lab grown and synthetic diamonds before continuing with this article. So, now you know that lab grown diamonds are just as real as natural diamonds, …comes to diamond simulants like Cubic Zirconia (CZ) or Moissanite, it is easy to identify them because they aren’t diamonds. But, with lab grown diamonds, the chemical structure and properties are all the same as natural diamond, so it …

  2. Understanding the Diamond Buying Game

    … can shop based on price or convenience; the product is the same. People like shopping this way. I like it this way. Diamonds are not this way. The four C’s of diamonds are not that old, less than 100 years. Before that system every business… upon grading standard but in reality this is not always the case. Today, to make the grading standard more uniform, diamond certification by grading laboratories is thought to make diamonds a commodity. Again the dream is not the reality. …

  3. Old mine cut diamond example

    The History of Diamond Cuts

    One of the earliest recorded statements about diamonds is: “the substance that possesses the greatest value, not only among the precious stones, but of all human …the diamond cut is the story of humankind’s love of diamonds and our quest to unlock their true brilliance. Before Diamond Cutting The Romans loved diamonds but did not have the technology to change their shape. So, the Romans wore uncut … diamond’s remarkable attributes is that the natural diamond crystal is beautiful without any human modification. Diamonds normally form in the octahedral shape which looks like two pyramids stuck together at the base. Naturally, the first …

  4. The 4 Cs of Diamonds

    Diamond Buying Guide: The 4 C’s

    If you understand how diamonds are graded, you have a better chance of finding the right one for you. At Arden Jewelers, our gemologists are more …have so please feel free to visit us anytime. Carat Weight Diamonds are small, so the scale that is used to describe diamond weights uses very small units. A carat equals 1/5 of one gram. A carat is divided into 100 points. A diamond can be … 3/4 of a carat. It is a good practice to know the exact weight of a diamond when buying or selling. The weight of a diamond is often thought of in terms of its size. If you know that you like the look of a 1 carat, for example, you can use …

  5. Fake Diamonds: The Great Diamond Attack

    … they were someone and the contestant would try to find out who was the real person. Technology has created many new diamonds and diamond lookalikes. “What is a real diamond?” is a difficult question these days. And the problem of separating… diamond from all the modern possibilities is quite demanding. So what is a real diamond? Let’s start with the older diamond look a likes, (CZ, GGG, YAG, Synthetic corundum and spinal, Glass) or simulants are quite easy to separate. The …

  6. diamond brokering service in sacramento

    Diamond Brokering

    Serving you is our passion. Making our expertise available to you coupled with our value hunting system makes the diamond buying experience a positive one. Please feel free to ask any questions and explore what we can do for you. Using a … you through your diamond purchase insures the mastery of the minute details in diamond evaluations. Did you know diamonds of the same grade could be thousands of dollars different in price? A subtle difference in a diamond impacts the price…

Gemstones (Show All Gemstones)

  1. Diamond, 1.18 cts. (#20265)
    Round Brilliant
    Dimensions (L×W×D):
    6.99 × 6.92 × 4.02mm
    More Details | Find Mounting
  2. Diamond, 1.22 cts. (#20233)
    Round Brilliant
    Dimensions (L×W×D):
    6.75 × 6.76 × 4.25mm
    More Details | Find Mounting
  3. Diamond, 0.68 cts. (#20226)
    Oval Brilliant
    Dimensions (L×W×D):
    6.45 × 5.21 × 3.28mm
    More Details | Find Mounting
  4. Diamond, 0.72 cts. (#20321)
    Heart Cut
    Dimensions (L×W×D):
    6.00 × 5.90 × 3.57mm
    More Details | Find Mounting
  5. Diamond, 0.70 cts. (#20302)
    Radiant Cut
    Dimensions (L×W×D):
    5.46 × 5.05 × 3.32mm
    More Details | Find Mounting
  6. Diamond, 1.52 cts. (#20297)
    Old Mine Cut
    Dimensions (L×W×D):
    7.07 × 7.32 × 4.75mm
    More Details | Find Mounting

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