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  1. Prasiolite Oval Cocktail Ring - 2

    This solitaire cocktail ring features a large oval prasiolite stone. Prasiolite is the proper name for green quartz. The ring is set with …

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  2. Emerald Cut Aquamarine Cocktail Ring - 1

    This cocktail style ring was designed specifically to suit the stunning aquamarine center stone. The large emerald cut gemstone …

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  3. wire wrapped gold quartz and garnet necklace in silver and 22k front

    These necklaces were hand wire wrapped by one of our talented jewelers in sterling silver and high karat yellow gold. Each necklace is custom fitted and formed for each of the gold quartz stones. The care and craftsmanship is seen in these bold pendants. Hand wire wrapping can easily be customized to suite more bold or minimalist designs

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  4. Smoky Quartz Custom Statement Ring

    This vintage inspired rings makes a strong statement. It features a large, emerald cut Smoky Quartz and braided rope accents running up the sides of the shank. The stone is set with 4 strong prongs which accent the …

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  5. Emerald Cut Aquamarine Three Stone Ring

    A stunning three stone cocktail ring in 14k yellow gold. The emerald cut Aquamarine center stone is complimented by two matched Aquamarines, one on …

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  6. round halo graduating diamond engagement ring front

    The perfectly round halo is a great backdrop to the glittering center diamond. Groups of three diamonds on each side give this ring a smooth tapered feel. The small accent …

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  1. Vintage Diamond Cluster Cocktail Ring

    Vintage Diamond Cluster Cocktail Ring

  2. Sale!
    Rose Quartz Silver Bezel Ring

    Rose Quartz Silver Bezel Ring

  3. Rose Quartz Cushion Bezel Ring

    Rose Quartz Cushion Bezel Ring

  4. black pearl and diamond ring front view

    Black Tahitian Pearl and Baguette Diamond Cocktail Ring


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  1. Collection of loose and mounted quartz gems of various types

    Gem in the Spotlight: Quartz

    …well known but surprising? What is affordably priced sometimes and sometimes unattainably expensive? If you answered quartz to all these questions you would be right (but naturally you looked at the title and knew). Quartz is one of the … earth. Many quartz varieties are cut into gemstones, but some varieties are very rare. Some are ordinary like rock quartz, others are exotic like Drusy Quartz. Some quartz material is a dollar per pound while others are $1,000+ per carat. …

  2. Nickel in jewelry can cause allergic reactions

    What to Do When Your Ring Irritates Your Skin

    Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to wear your engagement ring or other jewelry because it irritates your skin. Don’t worry. There are many options you have when faced with this …but their root causes and solutions are very different. Physical Irritation This can be caused by the design of the ring, a rough area that is the result of normal wear and tear, or a ring that is not sized correctly. If the ring is too … irritation and the solution may simply be to size the ring up slightly. Likewise, if there is a rough spot on the ring, that can normally be smoothed out by a jeweler. Changes in diet can dramatically affect our finger sizes. So, if the …

  3. Rough lab grown man made diamonds

    Is a Lab Grown Diamond Right for Me?

    Picking a diamond for your engagement ring is a big decision. For most of us, buying a diamond is a significant financial undertaking, and we want to get it … are conflict free, and you can buy verifiable Canadian diamonds of known origin if you want), it is still reassuring to know that with lab grown diamonds, you can be totally confident that your diamond did not support wars or child labor… economy of the host country. Often times, these countries are impoverished, and the jobs and income that the mine brings can help elevate many people out of poverty. Lab grown diamonds are not one-of-a-kind in the same way that natural …

  4. Group of loose topaz gems and topaz jewelry

    Gem in the Spotlight: Topaz

    …imperial). Golden Topaz: Yellow to orange without any red component (could be called precious topaz if more orange). Smokey Topaz: Brownish grey color. Blue Topaz: The most common color. A full range of shades is available from light Sky … which is a 10 and corundum (sapphire/ruby) which is a 9 on the scale. It is a bit harder than emerald at 7.5-8 and quartz which comes in at 7. Here are some more gemological stats for reference: Refractive index: 1.619 to 1.627 …

  5. Alternative metal wedding band options for men

    Alternative Metals for Men’s Jewelry

    …. As a frame of reference, cobalt rings come in around 7-8 on the Mohs hardness scale which is about the same as quartz or topaz but softer than tungsten or sapphire. Like most alternative metals, cobalt chrome bands are hypoallergenic and … for low grade pieces with more nickel Cobalt Looks like white gold or platinum, hypoallergenic Cut in 2 places 7-8, quartz or topaz Scratches more easily than others Carbon Fiber Light weight, modern look Cut NA Can feel “too light” …

  6. Group of loose spinel gemstones with finished jewelry

    Gem in the Spotlight: Spinel

    … with care. Its Mohs hardness of 8 puts it on par with Topaz. It’s softer than diamond or sapphire but harder than quartz, tourmaline, and peridot. With proper care there’s no reason why a piece of spinel jewelry can’t last for generations …hardness of 8 and good toughness spinel is a great choice for all forms of jewelry. We recommend occasional wear for rings and bracelets, but earrings and pendants are suitable for daily wear. Spinel can come in virtually any color of the…

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  1. Collection of engagement rings on sale now

    30% Off Engagement Rings!

    … Valentine’s Day right around the corner now is the perfect time to celebrate your love with a brand new engagement ring. Whether you are popping the question or finally going for that long awaited upgrade you will save 30% off on our … of this great offer? I’m glad you asked. Over the next three weeks we will be posting diamond and engagement ring related videos on our various social media platforms including Instagram , TikTok (brand new!), and Facebook . At the end …

  2. Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring Style

    The engagement ring expresses a loving commitment to the most important person in your life. So, discovering the perfect engagement …. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the stylistic choices you have when you’re looking for an engagement ring. Designer Simon G has been creating amazing diamond engagement rings for some time now. The Simon G team keeps coming up with …. Simple and Elegant The classic diamond solitaire, also called the Tiffany setting, is a timeless design. No other ring style highlights the center diamond like a solitaire. Round brilliant diamonds are by far the most popular choice in …

  3. Stackable birthstone rings for Mothers Day

    Stackable Birthstone Rings for Mom

    …there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Mother’s jewelry. For the uninitiated, Mother’s jewelry is any jewelry (rings, pendants, etc.) that features the birthstones for all of the months that a mother’s children were born in. So, if … and uninspired. Trendy mom’s want to look good while they celebrate their love for their children. So, we are offering this brand new collection of modern birthstone rings. Stackable rings offer a fashionable alternative to the dated …

  4. Arden Jewelers showroom wall engagement and wedding photos

    Celebrating Our Customers

    … refreshing our showroom, we wanted to feature  you, our faithful customers. We asked some of our past engagement rings clients to send us their favorite wedding and engagement photos for our wall. Walking by and seeing the smiling faces …It’s a beginning, a symbol, a part of someone. We feel privileged to be able to help our customers find the perfect ring for them that not only fits their budget but exceeds their expectations. Come by the shop sometime to see the new …

  5. Cyber Monday jewelry deals at Arden Jewelers

    Crazy Cyber Monday Deals

    … group of jewelry features one-of-a-kind pieces set with uncommon gems like Kunzite, Tsavorite Garnet, Rutilated Quartz, and much more. The entire collection is available on our Etsy shop currently on sale for 25% off. This coupon code is … pieces you see below (and more) have been added to our eBay shop with a starting bid of $1.00. The 14k yellow gold ring alone normally retails for $595.00 and will appraise for close to $1,000! So, don’t delay, bid on these crazy deals …

  6. Christmas 2017 Jewelry Gift Guide

    Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide 2017

    … pick, and at these prices, you can’t go wrong. Rose Gold Jewelry The combination of the soft pink gems like rose quartz and morganite with rose gold creates a beautiful and very trendy look. Pearl Jewelry Pearls are a timeless classic, and… at $37 on sale). Opal Jewelry These dazzling pieces feature gorgeous Australian and black opals set in stylish rings and pendants. No gem puts on a light show like opal and these pieces will definitely not disappoint. We are also …

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  1. Balance environmentally friendly engagement rings

    Balance : Earth Friendly Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

    Celebrate What Matters to You Introducing a new line of engagement rings built with you in mind. These original designs are handcrafted in our Sacramento studio using recycled gold and lab… diamonds. Every aspect, from the design, to the materials, to the craftsmanship was carefully chosen to give you a ring that you can be proud of. For most of us, the engagement ring is the largest jewelry purchase we will make in our … at your ring each day and as your friends reach out to see it up close, shouldn’t you be proud of what you’re wearing? Shouldn’t it be a reflection of who you are? We created the Balance collection to give you a new choice in the sea of …

  2. Custom Designed Engagement Rings

    Nothing captures the unique character and beauty of a relationship like a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Custom jewelry offers a truly unique experience. You will have the opportunity to creating your design with the …jewelry designers. It is a fun and genuinely rewarding process. There are many reasons to choose a custom engagement ring. You want to create something unique that captures you and your relationship. You can incorporate symbols or design …, and if you like a style that’s not in vogue right now, it can be difficult to find. With a custom engagement ring, we can create jewelry styles from the past, so you can wear the style you like. You want to wear a work of art. These …

  3. Selling Back Your Engagement Ring

    Many times engagement / wedding rings are people’s most expensive jewelry purchase. Liquidating them takes special care to maximize the return of … without a specialist gemologist will not yield the best price. A cautionary tale: I had a client take an engagement ring to a jewelry buying events at a local hotel. They offered a fair price for the gold, around $200. But the ring had a… value for diamonds. It can be hard to find a company that buys back jewelry that can give you a good price for the ring and the diamond. As with most things, the value of wedding rings comes from several factors: First, there is the …

  4. Rose gold and morganite jewelry gifts 2017

    Mistletoe and Holly

    Mistletoe and Holly This gorgeous collection features soft pink gemstones like rose quartz and morganite set in rose gold. The colors are a prefect compliment to each other creating a beautiful and trendy …! “Arden Jewelers has been such an AWESOME company to work with. I have been in touch with them about my dream ring and they were able to create it, my band and now a band for my future husband! They are so personal and really do care … the holidays, we go above and beyond with deals like the one on this page. No Hassle Returns It’s ok, you can bring it back! We want you to be happy with your gift, so if she doesn’t love it, just send it back within 30 days for a full …

  5. Presentation Engagement Ring

    What is a presentation engagement ring? A presentation engagement ring is simply a solitaire setting with a diamond set in it. The presentation ring … give your bride-to-be the simple presentation ring and then come back into the store and get the exact engagement ring she wants without any hassle. Here’s how it works: Pick out the diamond. If you know a general shape and size, that … prong solitaire (Tiffany style) setting. It can be in 14 karat white or yellow gold. Propose with the presentation ring. Come back with your new fiancée, and pick out the ring style she wants. We charge a small amount for the …

  6. Jewelry That We Buy

    … a lot of money. We buy natural gold nuggets. Gold flakes and dust are both worth money. We even buy gold in natural quartz rock. Arden Jewelers buy all types of gold class rings. These can be from high school class rings, collage class …free value appraisals. If you are unsure of what you have, or you don’t see it listed here please feel welcome to bring it into the store of a free, no obligation value appraisal. We buy back jewelry even if you didn’t get it from us. We …

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  1. Ring Cam Proposal Camera at Arden Jewelers

    Ring Cam – Capture Your Proposal on Video

    Ring Cam is an exciting new technology that allows you to capture your proposal on HD video. It’s a camera with a wide …

  2. Cathedral Ring Mountings

    The cathedral mounting is one of the many choices you have when you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring. It has many variations and its own set of pros and cons. Knowing more about this unique style can help you decide …

  3. Fox 40 interviews Arden Jewelres on proposal camera

    Fox 40 Ring Cam Interview

    The Ring Cam is a special engagement ring box that has a hidden camera. You can use it to capture your proposal on video to …this, they sent a reporter to our shop to get the inside story. A big thanks goes out to Eddie and Shandretta for sharing their proposal video and for being there for the interview. It was great to be able to relive that moment with them…

  4. Three engraved necklaces a cross a heart and a disc being worn at sunset

    Engravable Jewelry Sale for 2023

    Our brand new line of engravable jewelry is on sale now for 50% off. This beautiful new collection features simple pendants, rings, and earrings that can be personalized with your own engraved message by our in-house team of jewelers. Create your own unique jewelry today!

  5. News 10 on falling diamond prices at local jeweler Arden Jewelers

    News 10 Falling Diamond Prices Interview

    … reasons for the pricing trend and how jewelry buyers can take advantage of it. By shopping at local jewelers like Arden Jewelers who can quickly react to changes in the diamond market, customers can save on their diamond engagement ring and general diamond jewelry purchases. Thanks to Dina Kupfer for thinking of us for this story

  6. Valentines Day gift ideas with Fox 40 at Arden Jewelers

    Fox 40 Visits Arden Jewelers for Valentine’s Gift Ideas

    … team interviewed Angelo from Arden Jewelers to get some Valentine’s Day 2015 gift ideas. We talked about engagement ring upgrades, dancing diamonds , diamond stud earrings, Asteria , and more. We had a lot of fun with the reporter ( Gary…

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